Wanwan 90% Win Rate Build – Top 1 Global Wan Wan Presiden Vasily – Mobile Legends

Hero power: MMR 3559

Current Rank : Mytich 1359

Full build in the video
1. Swift Boots
2. Corrosion Scythe
3. Demon Hunter Sword
4. Raptor Machete
5. Berserker’s Fury
6. Queen’s Wings

Emblem: Custom Marksman
1. Bravery (3/3)
2. Swift (3/3)
3. Weakness Finders (3/3)

Wanwan Skill Guide:

Swallow’s Path (1st Skill)
With this skill, Wanwan could deal damage to enemies and control them. As the Fire Swallow could return to Wanwan, she could quickly hit the Weaknesses of the enemies from their back

Needles in Flowers (2nd Skill)
The ability of removing all CC greatly increases Wanwan’s chances of survival in battles.

Crossbow of Tang (Ultimate)
The Burst Damage and the invincibility brought by the Skill make Wanwan unbeatable when she fights alone and also in team fight.

Tiger Pace (Passive)
Since she could move a short distance after attacking, she could easily dodge damage from the enemies and poke them while dealing damage.

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