Archer It didn’t take long to become one of the most played iOS and Android games, but like all free-to-play games it’s sometimes difficult to move forward at a nimble pace. Luckily for all of you who are hooked, we bring you a Archero’s guide with tricks, secrets and strategies to succeed.

Please note that being a constantly updating game there are some archero tricks They may stop working in future versions, so stay tuned to this guide to see what new secrets and strategies are added.

Attack faster

Although improvements in attack speed and the use of certain weapons can make us attack faster, in reality the best way to attack at a higher speed is not to stay still. Yes, it may seem crazy because in Archer It is only attacked by not moving, but as you will see below it makes a lot of sense.

The trick is to control the animation of the character and wait for it to attack, give a little touch to make it move briefly and let it attack again. He trick is that the time that elapses between one attack animation and another is greater than the time that happens when you stop and shoot, so once you control that you could do up to 20% more damage in the same time.

Farming weapons in Archero

Get new weapons It is much easier than having to wait to get them in chests. He trick is to enter those levels where you get more coins and prizes and play until you get what you need. If you have a low-level character, play Chapter 3 to farm weapons. If you have an upgraded character, play Chapter 6 to get the best loot.

Once inside each room, kill all the enemies but don’t kill the last one. If you have obtained an interesting prize in that room, you can continue, but if not, close the application and start the game again, resuming progress. If you get a good prize in the room, you can continue. Otherwise, repeat the process again.

Upgrade all heroes

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is to focus on the main hero and spend all coins they have in that. However there comes a time when upgrading the hero doesn’t offer enough stats to make up for that coin spend.

On the other hand, if you upgrade all your heroes to level 20 you can get a bonus for each of them that applies to all the characters, such as more life or attack for all the heroes that you have unlocked.

Archero2Jump bosses in Archero

Although it is not highly recommended because if you run away from a boss you will never learn to defeat him, if at any time you are very stuck you can skip the fight of that specific boss and jump to another. To do this, enter the boss screen and, when you see what boss it is, decide if you do the following or not.

If he is not interested in fighting with that boss, close the application completely and reopen it. Doing so will prompt you to resume progress and the game will bring you to the boss’s door. Don’t go in yet. Close and open the app again and resume progress to see if you’ve had luck and the boss has changed.

Level jump

If there is a level very difficult Or you have started off on the wrong foot, a good option may be to repeat the previous process to jump to another level and regain the life you have lost. Do the same process to close the game and resume progress so that the group of enemies changes. This is how you have infinite lives.

Be careful, do not leave the game from the menu as if you were leaving that game, otherwise you will lose all the energy worn out and you’ll have to start from scratch. Just close the app from the phone settings.

Level up faster in Archero

If there are days when you don’t have time to play, there is a good way to improve your characters without having to fight. The experience that you win in each game is very valuable to improve and get prizes, but in reality the points you get do not take into account how far you have reached or how many enemies you have killed.

Precisely for this reason what you will do when you want to improve without losing too much time is going into games and sucking yourself. Get close to the enemies to harm you, bump into them, whatever it takes to bite the dust as soon as possible. That way the game will end quickly and you will get a experience rush in a matter of seconds.


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