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Waiting for the “disruption” that the arrival of Apple Arcade to our devices may mean, the App Store continues to be populated with games that base their business on freemium. That is: games that you can download for free, but that require integrated purchases if you want to enjoy to the fullest.

Some developers have taken that to the extreme, making their games authentic slot machine and damaging the good image of what a mobile game can be. I have seen few exceptions in this regard, one of them being The Battle for Polytopia. Today we are going to see a freemium game that has gained some popularity and has reasons for it: Archero.

Move or shoot still, nothing more to learn

Archer 3

We could classify Archero as a shooter, although it has certain aspects that make it unique. Its gameplay is curious since the only thing you have to do is move the main character up / down or the sides through a series of dungeons that you see from above: automatically shoot the enemies that populate those dungeons once you’re stillThe only thing you need to move is to move a finger on the screen, nothing more.

With this premise, you advance through these dungeons, learning to dodge the attacks of all types of enemies that want to finish you off. As you do, you gain experience and level up, being able choose from three new skills that will improve your attacks. In addition, the experience you gain is also translated into virtual currencies that you can spend on improving your weaponry and agility.

Archer 2

The more you win, the more you improve parameters such as your attack, your defense or the speed of your shots. When they kill you, the progress is less, but it still exists. That’s a good point, because you don’t have the feeling of wasting your time nor are you frustrated. You can stay embedded in a certain level for a while, but by losing again and again you will end up going up to the level necessary to be able to overcome the dungeon and continue advancing.

Also, Archero is one of those games that costs very little to learn but a lot to master as the difficulty curve goes up. To show a button: here is one of my games in the fifth dungeon so you can see the style of the game when we move away from the first easier ones.

Naturally, being freemium The game thrives on the business of buying coins and gems to advance faster in the game. However I have to say that Archero He does not sin of wanting to squeeze our payments: You can play without giving up a single euro and gradually advance your levels. You also have the option to see some ads if you want to speed up the experience, although it is not necessary if you just want a casual game.

In short, Archero is one of those games casual and addictive they can star this summer on your iPhone. It’s free, your part freemium it is balanced … it is a demonstration that there are still developers who do not abuse the business models of mobile games. Recommended if you are looking for some little vice in the form of a new game style.

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